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Audio Memory Publishing

What is Audio Memory?
Audio Memory Publishing produces materials that encourage students to teach themselves. With the aid of audio cassettes, sing and point exercises and written work, students are able to use "all avenues to the brain." Learning becomes a painless, fun activity which can be enjoyed individually or in a group.

Why use songs to teach these subjects?
Simple answer: It's a lot more fun.
Scientific answer: Virtually all scientists now agree that reading and singing lyrics while listening to music strengthens the connections between frequently used brain cells. Singing activates both sides of the brain. The brain is a pattern-seeker. Putting information into an organized framework such as a song makes it easier to remember.

Singing prepares students for piano lessons. The latest research shows that taking piano lessons improves spatial-temporal reasoning - skills necessary for science and math. Singing is also good exercise. The deep breathing required of singers increases the amount of oxygen in the body. More oxygen to the brain produces better thinking. Singing lifts our spirits and focuses our attention. It is also especially helpful for students with ADD or other learning problems.

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