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As time passed the moral decay of America became more and more evident. When the pendulum kept swaying away from our Godly heritage we began a series of historical novels written to incorporate history in the form of a story. When violence erupted in the public classrooms even more parents chose to send their offspring to Christian schools or to school them at home.

Our novels were not written just for students but both young and old have written to say they appreciate them.

Our top seller for the past fourteen years has been “Dog Jack”. His story is based on the heroics of the real-life mascot of the 102nd PA regiment of the Pittsburgh volunteers during the Civil War.When an elementary teacher composed a study guide to help with the teaching of the book, we decided to make it available to teachers and parents to augment their studies of “Dog Jack.” Presently McDougal Films is scripting a movie inspired by the book.The novel’s author, Florence Biros, flew to California to a movie seminar. On her return she discovered an old book, “Lincoln Immortalles”. What a find! This 1890 publication held a treasury of information written by Abraham’s personal friends and acquaintances plus hand written copies of letters written by our 16th President himself.“Love and Loyalty-The Traits that Made Lincoln Great” emerged from the wealth of little-known information stored in “Lincoln Immortalles”. A study guide was put together to aid in teaching this book, too.When a copy was sent to Dr D James Kennedy, an avid studier of Abraham Lincoln he returned a thank you which read, “This is one of the most scholarly approaches to a novel that I have read.”

What a thrill for a company whose dream is to share literature targeted to help bring my America back to its Godly roots, one whose motto is “We aim to have His Son-rise in every heart.”

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