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Memoria Press Alphabet & Numbers Books Review

The Alphabet Book and Numbers Book Reviews
By Hearts at Home Mom Sarah Shelton

We just had the chance to try out two new books by Memoria Press in our house! I was excited to see these as we really enjoy everything that Memoria Press puts out and I was happy to see more books for the early learner.

These books are called The Alphabet Book and the Numbers Book. There are two volumes in each program: book one and two. I love how the books are separate and not one huge book because they are easier to store and easier for the child to write in. We really enjoyed the crayons and cute ABC and number letters on each cover.

I think that these books are a great supplement to a pre-k or kindergarten curriculum depending on your child and their strengths. They are geared for students age 4-6. I believe it could work well with all ages, though an advanced learner may fly through it. However, if you have a child that struggles with formation of letters and numbers you could easily use it at age 5 or even 6 for extra practice.

I am using both books with my 4 1/2 year old. She was very excited to get her own books to try out as her sister is using First Start Reading right now.

The first page of the Alphabet book shows correct pencil holding position for the left and right handed writer. There are also two pages for name writing practice and an appendix in the back of each book with reproducible pages in the back for practicing letters. The letters are introduced in families based on how the letters are formed. T is the first letter and starts off with the child practicing straight up and down lines. There is a lot of tracing and then spots for writing. Each letter has cute pictures that start with that letter sound or have the letter sound in the word. My daughter likes to color the pictures with markers as a reward for completing her page. The writing portion is broken up by different activities like tracing the letter to the picture that makes that letter sound etc... My daughter got a little frustrated trying to write the letters as they are shown pretty close to one another when tracing and I do think the lines could be a little bigger, so maybe it would work better for her in a year. Other than that, it's a very cute, gentle and thorough program in teaching how to recognize the letters and learn how to write them. You can always begin it or stop and start it again as a supplement whenever your child is ready.

The book starts off with the number one and shows you how to trace it with your finger, then write the number. Number writing can be a tricky thing for young children to master so if they get frustrated you can always put the book down and revisit it later. I love that there is more than just writing lots of numbers. A number is introduced, a little bit of practice then lots of pictures and directions. "What does a unicorn have to do with the number one?" Answer: one horn. We thought that was very clever. There are activities like color one object in a row, there are shapes, patterns to follow, color by numbers, largest, smallest object etc...Not only does it teach you how to identify and trace the numbers it shows you the number words as well to get them familiar with recognizing the word. When you have completed this book your child will know not only how to count to 100, but also to be able to write to 100 and recognize the words as well! Great, gentle program, my daughter really enjoys it.
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