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Homeschooling Doís & Doníts

Here are some tips to follow when getting ready to decide on curriculum and how to structure your homeschool! Doníts
  • Make your purchase based on what your friends use Ė not everything will work for every family!
  • Donít assume that you need an ďall-in-oneĒ boxed curriculum because you donít know what you are doing. Donít worry, most homeschoolers are learning as they go!
  • Donít make your purchases without research! Read reviews, try and borrow some stuff to look at, pray about it too!
  • Donít purchase the most expensive curriculum and assume the price tag indicates it is the best available!
  • Donít purchase a literature based program if your child doesnít love to read and you donít care to read aloud A LOT!
  • Donít worry about following scripted teacherís guides if you are comfortable with the material. You may find all you need are answer keys, especially for lower grades.
  • Donít be afraid to return something that isnít going to work for you (if you are able)
  • Donít force yourself {or your child} to do something that isnít working for you! Not everything will work!
  • Donít jump right into textbooks! Itís not all about the typical textbook!
  • Donít think you need to purchase desks and decorate a whole room in your house as a classroom.
  • Donít stress out about missing a day of school! This is one of the great things about homeschooling!
  • Don't be discouraged by negative remarks
  • Don't be afraid to think outside the box
  • Don't feel like you have to replicate a classroom
  • Donít think it will always be easy

  • Pray about all things Ė let the Lord direct your homeschool!
  • Do remember why you are homeschooling.
  • Focus on building relationships with your children.
  • Spend time everyday in Godís Word
  • Research curriculum before purchasing. Read as many reviews as you can. Look at samples online.
  • Remember that the great thing about homeschooling is flexibility.
  • Take some time to figure out your teaching style and your childís learning style. Cathy Duffyís book titled ď100 Top Picks for Homeschool CurriculumĒ contains self tests to help you to determine these very things!
  • Plan field trips into your homeschool!
  • Do understand that YOU are the best teacher for your children (God made it that way!)
  • Do join a support group and make friends for yourself and your children.
  • Do be flexible (4 day school week, Sabbath Schooling etc...)
  • Do enjoy these precious moments with your children.
  • Do remember to have fun!
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