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Shurley English Review

Shurley English Review by Hearts at Home Mom Bridgette Taylor
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“Shurley English” by Brenda Shurley is a complete Grammar and Writing home-school curriculum that is available for grades K-8. Shurley provides a complete program and there is no need to purchase supplemental material. What makes Shurley’s curriculum unique is that she lays out the basic rules for grammar with a tool that children respond well to, rhythm.

Each rule has what Shurley labels a “jingle.” However, each one has 3 to 4 verses making them a bit harder to memorize than a true jingle. Hand motions can be added as well, and this further solidifies these abstract concepts for the students while also being a lot of fun. Not only does she provide rhythm in musical format, but the lesson format is the same each day so that the student falls into a rhythm within their schoolwork.

The lessons are meant to be done once a day and are quite thorough, usually taking a good portion of the school day. The commitment and daily structure taught in “Shurley English” creates good habits that your student can carry with them into all of their lessons. Shurley has also scripted each lesson in the Teacher’s Manual, making the job fairly easy for the home school parent. I would recommend this curriculum for those with students that can grasp concepts quickly and for those looking for an in-depth study of grammar.
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