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Western Civilization Study


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Western Civilization Study - $60.00 Includes:
What Every Child Needs to Know about Western Civilization
Color the Western World
Calendar Quest
Kenny Quiz Book
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What Every Child Needs to Know about Western Civilization
In fourteen lessons, WECN builds a mental timeline of 5,000 years of history and an understanding of the historical contributions that shaped Western Civilization. This guide and its literature companion Calendar Quest will revolutionize the way children learn history.

This guide uses the story of the calendar as a springboard for telling the story of Western Civilization. As the Western calendar is the result of the contributions of many different cultures over a great span of time, so is Western Civilization. Following the same historical path as the calendar, children can see how today’s Western Civilization is the result of the unique contributions and beliefs that have shaped the culture in which we live.

By learning the story of the calendar, children develop a mental scope and sequence of 5,000 years of Western history to which all subsequent learning can be related. Calendar Quest and What Every Child Needs to Know about Western Civilization cover twelve historical periods. The WECN guide and its memory retention aids enable children to memorize the flow of these cultures and the contributions each made to shaping Western Civilization. Through the use of beautifully illustrated historical hats and portraits, twelve historical periods are captured on history cards which children learn to arrange chronologically.

The guide is made up of three parts, a 150 page workbook, twelve Hats of History cards with a portrait of each person that contributed to the calendar, and history stickers containing forty-six illustrations that students apply to their workbook and forty-six smaller companion stickers that are applied the back of the Hats of History cards.

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Color the Western World - An Artful Journey through 5,000 Years of History

This coloring book illustrates Western Civilization's history by providing a pictorial timeline. It conveys the importance of specific historical periods and their impact on those that follow. It is not concerned with dates; rather each page highlights an era's crucial events, lasting achievements and significant ideas.

The contents of this book highlight the three great shapers of Western Culture: Greek and Roman ideas, Christianity, and modern science. It demonstrates how American government and culture, in large part, grew out of the ideas of Greeks and Romans, Christians, and those fostered by the birth of modern science.

It also explores how religion, government, and science, seemingly enmeshed during ancient Sumerian times, in later eras resemble squabbling siblings who jostle for favored position in the family. Indeed, much of modern life is pushed and pulled by the tensions that still exist between these three great institutions. Nonetheless, the Twentieth Century witnessed the lives of three great men: a scientist, a president and a pope. All three showed immense respect for the others and demonstrated through their words or deeds that each understood his own role without negating the others' importance. Captured in snapshot form on the final page of this coloring book, this larger story is elaborated upon in What Every Child Needs to Know about Western Civilization (third printing).

This book contains the following historical periods: Sumer rules Mesopotamia, Old Kingdom Egypt, Babylon rules Mesopotamia, Ancient Israel, Classical Greece, Ptolemaic Dynasty, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Roman Decline & Rise of the Byzantine Empire, Early Medieval, Carolingian Renaissance, Late Medieval, Italian Renaissance, Northern European Renaissance, Reformation, Reason & Revolution, Early America, Nineteenth Century America and The Twentieth Century.

On each page is a central portrait. In all but three eras, a portrait of a man is framed. He may or may not have been the era's pivotal figure, but in either case he played a role in the development of the calendar. In eras where no further progression occurred in the calendar, a significant woman from that period has been framed.

Calendar Quest
This new adventure book, written to engage 3rd through 8th graders, tells a single historical narrative that spans 5,000 years of history. Calendar Quest is the literature companion to “What Every Child Needs to Know About Western Civilization”. These two books when used together will develop within the child’s mind a mental scope and sequence of history to which all subsequent historical learning can be related.

This historical narrative tells the story of the calendar through the eyes of two children and their guide, Father Time. Traveling through time in a refrigerator box, they visit twelve historical periods from early Sumer to 20th century America. Through learning the story of the calendar, they are exposed to every major historical period that contributed to the development of Western civilization. This novel is used to instill in its reader the flow of Western history.

Kenny Quiz Book
Kenny Quiz provide questions and answers that coincide with each chapter from the novel Calendar Quest. Calendar Quest(CQ) tells the historical story of the development of our calendar. Kenny Quiz helps students remember the engaging story they read.

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