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The Bridge Study Guide CD-rom


In the night the soldier creeps,
Midway from shore to shore
High above the murky deep
He finds a slender wooden floor.
'Twill one man safely keep,
Whose axe shall end a war.'

Princess Rosalynn of Bracken is left in the care of loyal Sir Reynald while her father, the king, is off visiting a neighboring castle. Then Reynald learns of an impending attack from Folger, a neighboring country much larger than Bracken and connected to it only by a suspension bridge. Acting quickly he devises a plan to save the princess and hopefully save Bracken as well.

The princess is carried away from the castle by Herron the Rider. When enemy soldiers chase them and Herron is wounded, he leaves Rosalynn in the middle of the forest and then leads the soldiers away. So Rosalynn is left to begin her journey through perilous, enemy-filled territory - her life in danger with every step.

The Wise Woman Rosalynn meets on her journey comforts, heals, and guides her, leading her through the enemy's territory to meet with Rosalynn's father, the king. Along the way they are reunited with Herron, and together the three of them attempt to solve the riddle of the 'Castle Guard Song' - a song with a secret message that will save the tiny kingdom of Bracken.

Interactive CD-rom.

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  • ISBN: 9781586095444
  • Publisher/Vendor: Progeny Press

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