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Conversations Worldview Kit


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Conversations Worldview Kit - $125.00 Includes:
Conversations from the Garden - 40 Days to Build a Biblical Worldview
Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism
A Young Historians Introduction to Worldview
Historical Novels for Engaging Thinkers complete Set

  • Secret Of The Scribe
  • The Jeweled Astrolobe
  • Beneath The Cat's Claw
  • Rebel on the Path

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Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism

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Other companion products recommended for use with this Study Guide: Secret of the Scribe (included)

Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism (CTAP) is a nine month curriculum that compares and contrasts ancient Near Eastern myths with Old Testament stories to teach Christian theology. Through this in-depth study of the ancient struggle with idolatry, students gain a compelling view of the uniqueness, coherence, and beauty of the Christian faith. The student is engaged in a journey that reveals just where the ideas of ancient polytheism and Christian monotheism lead. Along the way, they will discover that the misconceptions and temptations of the ancients have profound relevance for youth of the twenty-first century.

CTAP enables young people to grasp the grand narrative of God's Word and to recognize its central plot, characters and themes. This literary approach combined with the method of comparison and contrast cultivates higher level thinking skills and gives students a rudder with which to navigate the sea of competing ideas.

CTAP is the Christian reader's guide to Secret of the Scribe and contrasts the worldview of both the novel and its historical setting (ancient Mesopotamia) with Christianity. As a comparative theology arising out of a historical narrative, CTAP facilitates explanation of Christian belief within a setting that shows the student why these beliefs matter. It is our prayer that CTAP will be the parent's tool to train hearts and minds for Him.

Conversations from the Garden - 40 Days to Build a Biblical Worldview

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Conversations from the Garden is a tool for building Christian thinkers. It prompts conversation with questions from the first three chapters of the Bible. Share these conversations within your family or in other group settings. They will be especially valuable for young people - those who are still shaping their worldview. This tool elevates God's story - his epic narrative. Rather than focusing on creation science, Genesis 1-3 is treated as seed plot for the entire Bible. Every major theme, every astounding revelation, every big idea in Scripture begins its trajectory from this text. It is indeed the foundation of a Christian worldview. Rather than spoon-feeding answers, the questions will put you through a bracing thinking process. This guide will be your "Socratic friend", prodding and stimulating your mind as you ponder the ways of God.

In this product there is material for approximately 40 dinner table discussions. However, this book may also be used for many other group settings such as Sunday schools, youth group and Christian school classroom.

 A Young Historians Introduction to Worldview

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In four lessons, students and their families gain a solid working understanding of what worldview is, how it impacts culture and history, and its importance to their lives personally. Rather than studying individual belief systems, the guide helps students understand the basic beliefs of four worldview families. Contained within each family is a variety of specific religions and philosophies. Through learning about worldview families, specific religions and philosophies can be understood in light of their “family resemblances”.

This product uses hands-on activities to simplify and teach abstract concept of worldview. Students wrap up four different boxes, using unique papers that depict the basic beliefs of each worldview family. They cutout and create cardstock lenses which state in simplified terms the basic beliefs of each worldview family. The guide incorporates the use of four different stories, one fiction and three historical; to illustrate the powerful impact worldview has on the world we live in.

The guide includes a eighty six-page workbook, nine pages of cardstock, precut wrapping papers and three six by six boxes.

Historical Novels for Engaging Thinkers - Also sold separately for $49
As an exciting follow-up to our worldview course for 5th through 8th grade students, BrimWood Press has commissioned a new series of historical novels called Engaging Thinkers. This series includes one novel for each of the chronological periods of history: ancient, medieval, early modern and modern. Each story highlights the beliefs of a different worldview family: polytheism, monotheism, naturalism and pantheism. All are guaranteed to prompt thoughtful family discussions.

Secret Of The Scribe - Ancient - Born a slave to a Sumerian queen, Tabni makes her daring escape, but a desperate choice to survive unleashes the fury of the gods.
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The Jeweled Astrolobe - Medieval - Having had his career chosen for him, Gavriel, son of a Jewish doctor, grabs the chance to live his dream - only to discover a nightmare.
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Beneath The Cat's Claw - Early Modern - France is ablaze in revolution. Josette is servant to the one who stokes the flame - Robespierre. Will she escape the fire?
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Rebel on the Path - Modern - Sunjin's hatred of his Japanese oppressors drives him off the Buddhist path and into a murky and dangerous unknown.
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